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  1. Omg Eurovision this year was amazing because:


    1) Conchita won, she’s brilliant and deserves it
    2) Graham Norton
    3) The UK actually got more than 10 points

    Everything about Eurovision was fabulous, can’t wait till next years!!!

  2. in Europe we don’t say fuck you Putin we vote for Conchita Wurst and I think that’s beautiful.

  3. mr-and-mrs-miller:





    to all you 14 year old american girls who say ‘if i had a british accent i would never stop talking’ i hope you wake up with a very strong yorkshire accent and see how you like that

    fuck you my yorkshire accent shines like the light of a thousand suns i hope you get sat on by a cow

    Shine bright like a Yorkshire accent.

    I’m not even sure which one I’m reblogging this for.

    I hope you get sat on by a cow

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    taylor switf - I knew you were trouble (cover by horse)

    you wont believe your ears


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